"Pre-Packaged Kettle Corn"

One of the best alternatives to having our Kettle Corn made onsite is pre-packaged product.  We have a variety of bag size options. Grab Bags have become very popular options for give-aways, large groups or ordering these for those that are unable to be there when we are onsite.  We’ve done many different colors for school colors, sports team (i.e. Seahawk “12th Man” popcorn) or other color themes.

  • Grab Bags

  • Bulk Bags

  • Inquire for color options

  • Inquire for other Bag Size options

We Deliver!!

Please contact us if you would prefer Kettle Corn served in a different manner or to obtain custom pricing for your event*

Phone: (425) 387-2016

 References are available upon request.

*Contractual agreements can change the agreed upon rate

Grab Bag

These are very popular party favor gifts for guest, employees, customers or public handout